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Voices from the 2016 Kickoff Ride

📄Saturday, April 23rd

The 2016 kickoff ride for 30 Days of Biking was a HUGE success…despite some serious wind! Have a listen to our latest (short) podcast for a glimpse into the people, bikes and weather at this year’s kickoff ride!

Pedal it Forward: Support from Surly

📄Monday, April 4th

We are so honored to receive sponsorship support from Surly Brewing this 2016 year! Surly posted this to their blog today, and we wanted to amplify their reach so you can read their thoughts behind the partnership as well. 

(Read the original post at

We’re proud to be supporting ‘30 Days of Biking’ through April – it’s a pledge for cyclists everywhere to ride their bike every day in April, any distance, any destination, and share their adventures online:

The folks at 30 Days Of Biking are trying to get everyone outside on their bikes, regardless of age, ability, or the weather – something Surly can definitely get behind.

If you pledge to ride through April, 30 Days of Biking will donate to the World Bicycle Relief, an organization that builds and donates bikes to people around the world to help them get to work, get to school or get food and water. For every TWO pledges equals $1 for the World Bicycle Relief. So if you sign up, and then you get a friend to sign up, that’s $1 for a good cause thanks to Surly Nation!

Surly Group Rides

But we’re not going to do this alone. Group rides are a big part of 30 Days of Biking experience — meeting new friends, and then drinking some beer afterward. So to help, Surly will be sponsoring a ride each Thursday during the month April – a group ride will start at our Destination Brewery and end at beer_friendly location in the Twin Cities for a well_earned pint. On April 7, 14, 21, 28 we’ll meet at 6pm at our Destination Brewery and we’ll explore the Twin Cities together. Ride leader Mario Macaruso knows Minneapolis and St Paul inside and out, so it’s gonna be a blast. This is a medium_paced ride, usually about 10–15 miles, and we always stick together. No rider left behind!

2016 Pledge Launch Starts with a Bang and a Podcast!

📄Wednesday, March 2nd

Year 7 of the 30 Days of Biking pledge launched on March 1 to a great reception! We had 100 pledges within the first hour (a Monday night/Tuesday morning _ what are you people doing up that late??! Just kidding. We’re glad you were there!) and 1000 pledges by the end of the first day!

You can sign the pledge at

And take a gander at our FIRST EVER PODCAST! Listen as the 30DOB team prepared for the launch and then watched the numbers climb. Listen to some of the reasons people are pledging this year:

🌄Friday, February 20th


Our promo jersey arrived yesterday! And we thought you should know what it looks like, IN PERSON. ON A BODY.

Pre_order yours till March 1 at:

Password: joyful

Some FAQ

📄Thursday, February 19th

Before the pledge opens on March 1, let&rsquos tackle a few frequently asked questions.

1. Does spin class count? 

Absolutely. We&rsquod prefer you be outside, adventuring, but that exer_bike works in a pinch. Especially if you&rsquore traveling.

2. Why April? 

We chose April because, at least here in our home state of Minnesota, USA, April is the confluence of many seasons. We could get a blizzard, rain, sunshine, anything! It&rsquos the perfect medium between the harshest of winter and the pleasant_est of summer.

3. I already bike every day. Why should I sign up? 

Because we&rsquore doing this together! Sharing our stories and posting photos and supporting each other. Some people see 30 Days of Biking as a reason to bike even farther every day than normal, just because it&rsquos a group effort. Encourage people who aren&rsquot as experienced as you are. Pass the love on.

4. What if I miss a day? Should I stop?

Nope. Keep riding.

5. Do you want me to stop biking once 30 Days of Biking ends?

Nope. Keep the streak alive.