🌄Wednesday, April 23rd


We’re throwing a 30 Days of Biking party in our home city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, featuring music from Highchair Kings and Estate. And you’re all invited! Join us.

🌄Wednesday, April 23rd


Check out this group photo from our last Twin Cities social ride!

Photo provided by our sponsor Recovery Bike–Re_Cycle, and taken outside our sponsor Freewheel Bike's Midtown Bike Center. It's a beautiful sponsor team_up, all in one joyful photo.

Photo Credit: Brian Fanelli.

Right Up PowerObjects' Alley

📄Wednesday, April 23rd

Our sponsor PowerObjects contributed this entry about 30 Days of Biking and how it fits into their Health and Wellness mission! Thanks, guys!

PowerObjects Continues to Promote Health and Wellness with 30 Days of Biking Sponsorship

When word starting getting around at PowerObjects about this thing called “30 Days of Biking,” it was clear that this event was right up our alley. PowerObjects has embraced a culture of health and wellness throughout the organization, and biking is definitely a part of that.

Just take this as an example—even though this was the most brutal winter Minneapolis has seen in many years, at least one PowerObjects employee biked to work every day … well, almost. Word is he took two days off during the polar vortex. (Shout_out to you, Gary Nelson!)

And Gary isn’t the only one. PowerObjects has a regular rotation of bike commuters, and is continually making improvements around the office to encourage this practice.

imageCommuter bikes fill up a rack near PowerObjects’ lockers.

We also enjoy a great set of treadmill desks that people can hop on at any time to do work, make phone calls, and limber up their joints. Each desk is fully equipped with phones, extra monitors and headphones to maximize productivity.

imageComplete with phones and external monitors!

Don’t discount our awesome summer softball team, the PowerBallers, with an amazing grand total of 0 wins! (Hey, it’s all about getting out there, right?) We are about to kick off our second season and are finalizing the roster now! Let’s hope we beat our “record.”


Prepping for our second season!

Other things you can catch PowerObjects folks doing on any given day: going for a mid_day run in the North Loop, joining local Crossfit groups, and participating in local races.

We’re super proud to be a sponsor of 30 Days of Biking, and hope to get a good group of people out for our North Loop Bike Ride Social—a social bike ride starting at PowerObjects headquarters that marks the end of the 30 Days of Biking pledge. You can learn more and RSVP here — happy hour to follow the ride at Freehouse!

PowerObjects is a professional services firm 100% committed to providing service, support, education and add_ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Tour Third North – Give a Bike!

📄Tuesday, April 22nd

ANNOUNCEMENT: For every 30 Days of Biking participant who tours Third North Apartments (800 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401), they are donating 1 FREE BIKE to Free Bikes 4 Kidz.

Just mention that you made the 30 Days of Biking pledge and Third North will donate a bike, in your name, to Free Bikes 4 Kidz. Then, check out some awesome bike_centric apartments.

You’ve committed to bike for 30 Days. Are you ready to live it? Check out Third North Apartments in the North Loop, to start living the bicycling lifestyle. Studio, 1, 1+, 2 Bedrooms in the North Loop. Brand new and planned for biking enthusiasts. thirdnorthapartments.com

🌄Friday, April 18th


April 15 | Dobby Gibson

While my friends kicked off 30DOB with a group ride in Minneapolis the other weekend, I celebrated a different way: I took my seven_year_old daughter to the bike shop to buy her a new helmet.

At the risk of going Cosby on you, this was no mere errand. This was a sacred ritual — one that dates back to 1817, the Saturday Baron Karl von Drais took his daughter Bertha to Stuttgart Alternative Cycle & Skate to buy a Hello Kitty helmet she could wear while trying his new laufmaschine.

Don’t believe me? Try accompanying an impossibly adorable kid into a cycle shop. When you bought your helmet, did you draw three sales people to help you? Did even the tech with the ear lobe plugs and nose ring stop what he was doing and say aww? I didn’t think so.

My daughter walked in a queen, and walked out in an impact_resistant polycarbonate pink crown, one perfectly coordinated to her Chuck Taylors. She wore it the rest of the day, even in the house, hours after our first ride of the season. 

The day reminded me why we adults lose our minds re_falling in love with biking every spring. Because I’ll be honest, it has struck me: 30 Days of Biking – is this a ridiculous thing for a grown_up to participate in? Spoke cards, really? Shouldn’t we be discussing Crimean politics and our retirement portfolios? 

No, it turns out. Not on a sunny Saturday morning, anyway, when riding a bicycle becomes, once again, such an appealing, addictive circus trick. Think about it: we are balancing on two tiny wheels, people! It’s absurd — I sometimes can’t believe it’s physically possible. This is why cars come in colors like taupe and bikes come in glitter dreams and purple rain – simply pedaling down the block is a gnarly stunt.

So it’s April. I’ve decided I don’t need a single reason in the world to ride a bike, and neither should you. Let’s live the glitter dream while we can.

Dobby Gibson is a Minneapolis_based poet, creative director and absurdly tall person — though reasonable in most other ways.