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How did this all start?

This article from Minnpost tells our origin story really well!

What’s the minimum distance I should be riding?

No minimum distance. You can ride however far you want! That could mean around the block or around the Earth. It’s up to you.

Why did you choose April?

In our home state of Minnesota, USA, where this all began, April is the confluence of many seasons. You can get snow, rain, sunshine, or all of those all at once! It brings together the colds of winter, with the pleasantness of summer and the urgency of spring. We believe that if you can bike every day in April, you can bike every day of the year. There’s no stopping you.

Does riding inside count?

Absolutely. Outside is where the adventures are, but we understand that riding outside just doesn’t work for everyone, either because the weather is horrible, due to health concerns, and more. That exer-bike definitely counts, especially if you’re traveling and in a hotel with a gym!

How can I spread the word about 30 Days of Biking in my town?

Tell everyone you know about it, especially folks you know would enjoy biking every day in April! Take it to the next level and organize a ride and invite all your friends. We recommend ending with a treat for everyone, whether a beer or a donut.

Is there a T-shirt?
Where can I find the spoke card?