April 1–30, 2024 — We're getting closer and closer to Day 1! #30DaysofBiking


"I’ve participated in [30 Days of Biking] many times in the past and think this organization does a lot to magnify biking in the real world, practically and with community-based efforts, for health, fun, and environmental stewardship." – Michele Lopez-Glynn, 2020 donor⁣

Through an inclusive, supportive community and joyful encouragement, 30 Days of Biking is breaking down barriers to biking. Your donation will help us get more people riding bikes and sharing their adventures all April long.⁣

"This is an amazing event that truly brings people together while celebrating individual effort. I love it when fellow riders ask about my spoke cards and I get to tell them about 30 Days of Biking!" –Ann Gentle, 2020 donor⁣

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